Daily Archives: August 1, 2014

What about some sex?

Okay, I have to admit it. Lots of posts about economic theory lately, but no sex in my blog! In economics, sex is money. And making money is undoubtedly sexy. But I stand for safe sex. ¿Is that financially viable now, without subscribing to the “common knowledge game” (and its implied risks) ?

I’m starved for sex, but don’t want to risk my capital. Return “of my money” versus “return on my money”, comes to me as a priority nowadays, and that’s not a constructive starting point. Courtesy of the large central banks (via ZIRP and NIRP), there is no safe sex available any more. And the way things are going, sex won´t be free either. In a couple of years, “one way or another”, as Blondie would say, capital controls are coming. Spain is tentatively introducing some back door regulations in this area.

For now, sex is free, but risky. We live an investment era where making money implies risking capital big time, even if that risk has not materialized until now (due to the global central bank “put”). I’m fed up with the situation. Macroeconomic musing is nice, but it’s not a real substitute for the hard core thing. I’m not going to fix the global economy, whatever I write, so I might as well engage in the sexier task of money making. If, and that’s a big if, I can.

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